C3. Activities and Outcomes

During the week, the school Újbudai Grosics Gyula Sport Általános Iskola organized a series of activities to present their challenge and to raise teachers’ and students’ awareness on the topic.

Activity 1: Presentation of the questionnaire results on the topic of Virtual vs. Real
Before the meeting,  all students of participating countries answered the questions of a survey about their sports habits and screen time. Having analysed the answers, the host students presented its results.

Activity 2: Sports activities (War of numbers, Méta, Kidobós)
Participating students were involved in a series of team games typical of the school. This way they were given some alternative examples for active pastime as well as team building activities.

Activity 3: Interactive workshop for students: Online/Offline identity

Lesson Plan

Activity 4: Team building activities in the Zamárdi Adventure Park

Activity 5: Video editing and QR code challenge
Participating students were given a couple of good examples for spending screen time and using their gadgets wisely. With the help of a video editing software they prepared their own short film of the photos and videos taken by themselves during the week.






Edited version: Week 06-10 May

Activity 6: Visit to the Parliament
Activity 7: Reception in the Újbuda Town Hall