C1. Activities and Outcomes

During the week, the school Santaros Gimnajiza organized a series of activities to present their challenge and to raise teachers and students awareness on the topic.

Activity 1: Presentation “National Minorities in Lithuania”

During this session, Lithuanian students presented the topic introducing the audience to the main national minorities in the country, making an emphasis on their rights : press, education, nationality, politicial equality and freedom.

After the presentation, students were required to fill in a questionnaire to check their understanding on the issue. Here you can consult the questionnaire and the results. Also you can consult the lesson plan of the activity.

Questionnaire                   Lesson plan

 Activity 2: Debate “Assimilation vs Integration/Multiculturalism”
After presenting the topic, Lithuanian students participated in an interesting debate where two positions towards how to deal with national minorities were presented. Thus, arguments against and in favour of each of them were laid out. Here you can consult the lesson plan of the activity.



Lesson plan

Activity 3: Visit to the Lithuanian Parliament
Activity 4: Visit to the Centre for Civil Education