C1. Cultural Activities

During our stay in Vilnius, students and teachers had the opportunity to visit two interesting and impressive landmarks in the country

Activity 1: A trip to Trakai

Trakai – the former capital of the Grand Duke of Lithuania. The five-storey, redbrick fortifications castle of the 14th century erected on a small island in Galve Lake and completed by Grand Duke Vytautas at the beginning of the 15thcentury. For ages it served as a defensive structure and residence of Grand Dukes of Lithuania. It was never captured by any enemies. Now it houses the Museum of History. Castle housing an exhibition on prehistoric findings and the applied art from the 17-18th centuries, the way of life of the Lithuanian Grand Dukes, as well as the Karaites, brought to Lithuania from the Crimea.


Activity 2: A trip to Anyksciai

During the day trip project,  participants visited The Horse Museum which exhibits not only the agricultural tools and means of transport of the days of horses, but also unique exhibits of philately, warfare and wood carvings. The museum presents various crafts; the visitors can observe the work of a weaver, ceramicist and bread baker, also a blacksmith, jeweller and a wood carver. We participated in an educational lesson on bread baking.

Then we visited the century-old neogothic red brick church with twin spires which is the highest church in Lithuania with its 79-metre-high spires being the first detail the visitors coming to Anykščiai can see.
After that the Treetops walking path, located in the famous Anyksciai Pinewood is the only treetop path in Eastern Europe. The path is in the level of the tree crowns and it lasts for 300 meters, evenly going up to 21 meters high.