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Lycée Lislet Geoffroy

Lycée Lislet Geoffroy is a French overseas secondary high school (14-18) located in the Indian Ocean, east of South Africa, Madagascar and surrounded by different islands such as the Comoros, Mauritius, Seychelles, Mayotte.

Our school welcomes about 1200 pupils with a teachers team of about 150, 1 headmaster and 3 principals. Lislet Geoffroy offers two curricula, a general one with the teaching of academic subjects such as mathematics, foreign languages, science, physics, bilogy, philosophy etc and also a technological sector with post-graduate students after passing their “Baccalauréat” having the possibility to specialize in 2 years in different specialities like Energy and Environment, Architecture and Construction, Technological Innovation and Science of Information and Numeric. The school has 4 laboratories in compliance with those 4 specialities for the pupils and students to train in these different areas.

Because of its expertise in the research of new technologies in terms of new energy as wind turbine, electric kart, solar tracker, smart greenhouse, smart beehive, smart greenhouse, our school is seeking to transfer its pupils/students and teachers expertise in the neighbouring countries (Africa, India, Madagascar, Comoros) and is in the process of establishing some partnerships with some other partner schools in the region. We also house preparatory classes to prepare our youngsters to integrate the major engineering schools in France.

Lycée Lislet Geoffroy
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